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Let's build digital products that users love by empowering teams.


I'm currently working as a product owner at Aiden, the leader in guided selling for webshops. 

Drop me a line via e-mail, connect to me on Linkedin.

Why hire me as a PO?


I can help you

    •    translate the why and what of users and business into the how 

    •    build, analyse and improve products

    •    define and write a product roadmap, epics and user stories

    •    manage and streamline the product backlog

    •    engage stakeholders and teams

    •    lead, direct and empower agile teams

    •    coach fellow product owners and scrum masters

    •    promote scrum and inclusivity within the company

What will I bring to your team?

    •    a pro active, hands on and can do mentality

    •    a product owner that puts trust in her developers

    •    a sharp and critical product owner and colleague

    •    a creative thinker open to out of the box solutions

    •    a humane and open leader to your team

    •    an open team atmosphere and some live to the party

    •    a bag of experience and positive female power

How to get the most out of me?

I'm a senior product owner and project lead with lots of experience in leading complex software projects and products.  I’m always focussing on moving products and projects to the next level.

And at my best when I’m able to think strategically with the company or department and I'm able to work hands-on with my team.

Describing me in three words would be goals, structure and creativity

I’m a creative thinker and use that creativity to inspire, push and motivate my team and to solve problems together.

So motivating my team and getting the most out of the qualities of my team members has top priority. Together with clarity about the product vision for my team and stake holders, to make sure everybody is aligned.

Delivering an understandable, organized backlog is second nature to me.

My communication style is direct, honest and I'm always open to input.

Colleagues love to work with me because I’m goal oriented, a team leader and love to make the work environment fun.

I love the power of


Groups I've brought together

Companies I've worked for

aegon logo_grey.jpg
stichting Down Syndroom_grey.jpg
ing private banking.png

Domain knowledge in:

- finance (Independer, Aegon and ING Private Banking)

- health (Independer, MediCheck, Stichting Down Syndroom and Healthy Workers)

- retail (Hema)

- projects for children (NEMO, KNVB)

I’ve build:

- apps (MediCheck, RecyBEM, KNVB, ING private Banking, Stichting Down Syndroom)

- websites (Ultimaker, Independer, Aegon, Nemo, Healthy Workers)

- embedded software in 3d printers (Ultimaker)

I’ve helped users:

- compare, select and buy products (Independer, Ultimaker, Aegon)

- guide them trough complex user flows (Independer, MediCheck, Healthy Workers)

- with safely storing their private user information (Ultimaker, Aegon, Independer, MediCheck)


I'm currently working as a product owner at VodafoneZiggo, rocking the Supply Chain Management software . 

Drop me a line via e-mail, connect to me on Linkedin.

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